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​If you have an 03/04 common rail that you have done a manual transmission swap and downloaded smarty software, you now have a 2127 code. Also the pedal is dead for some travel in the beginning and has only about 75% total throttle percentage when hooking up a scanner with live data. 

​The reason for this is the software they provide is for a later model 04 325hp Manual trans truck. This truck came factory with the under battery throttle position sensor which works differently. It has 2 voltage output circuits, instead of the earlier model sensor that just have 1 voltage output and an idle validation switch.
​When the manual trans software is downloaded it changes the inner workings of the ECM acceleration circuit. It is now looking for the 2nd voltage input provided by the under battey type sensor. This input into the main ECM plug #16 (APPS signal 2) is empty.

 (SEE PIC ABOVE)  I now provide a sensor that has the 2 voltage outputs the ECM needs. The harness has an extra long wire that you will run down to the ECM main plug and insert into the empty pin #16. This sensor bolts to your existing bracket and plugs into your existing 6 pin plug. It also comes with instructions for install.

This saves you alot of time and money by not having to buy the under battery sensor, throttle cable, and adapting harness I use to make to solve this issue.
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Now includes instructions and tool to move a wire in the PCM connector to make the cruise function after the Manual software download
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